My main research interest is in problems from complex dynamics that have applications to various fields in the natural sciences. Hence part of my work is purely theoretical, focused around identifying and understanding new phenomena in discrete random complex dynamics, and in complex dynamic networks. The other part centers around using dynamical systems methods and results to derive and analyze models in a variety of fields, among which mathematical neuroscience (to model brain networks that govern emotion and reward) medicine (vision pathologies of the retina), epidemiology (dynamics of Ebola outbreaks), climate (human impact to green house gas emissions) and the environment (pharmacokinetics of lead, and effects of contamination on cognitive development in children). More on my reseach can be found on my Research page.



In Fall 2023 I am teaching Foundations of Analysis (MAT 303), and Real Analysis (MAT 431) and a topics course in Mathematical Modeling for Sustainability (MAT 493). I have office hours online MWR 11am-12:30pm, More on my teaching can be found on my Teaching page.



From an educational and diversity perspective, my work supports undergraduate research at a PUI institution, and it aims to promote women and young scientists from other underrepresented groups towards academic careers. All my existing work has been and will continue to be integrated into undergraduate mentored projects, with resulting student authored publications and presentations. The modeling work is designed to address current open questions in both mental health and in environmental research. For a list of current mentored projects, and notable alumni, please see my Mentoring page.