Moustache Parakeet - (Psittacula alexandri fasciata)
Where They Live : Java and Bali, Indonesia.

Size : Up to 8 ounces, 14.5 inches long with tail, 6-6.5 inch wingspan.

Lifespan : 15-20 years.

Breeding : Mating December-April. Gestation 22-24 days. 2-4 eggs per clutch.

Habits : Mainly resident, some local movement.

Diet : Wild figs, other wild and orchard fruit, flowers and nectar, nuts, berries, seeds, leaves and cereals.

    The moustache parakeet is also known as: the banded parakeet, bearded parakeet, rose-breasted parakeet, pink-breasted parakeet, Indian red-breasted parakeet, and Javan parakeet.
    It is a small, slender bird in the parrot family with a long tail.  It is typically seen in noisy flocks traveling in slow flight.  It is gregarious, usually in flocks of 6-10 birds. Occasional flocks will be much larger, up to thousands, especially where their favorite foods are found.  They form communal roosts in tall trees, bamboo thickets, and sugarcane.  They nest in natural tree cavities or in old woodpecker holes.