Research Projects

This page contains documents and links related to my work in Supply Chain Management area, including information about my dissertation-in-progress. My research interests include Logistics of production, distribution, and transportation systems, Mixed Integer Programming and its Application in Supply Chain Modeling, Cross-docking logistics problem, Vehicle Routing, and applications of branch and cut methodology.

Current Projects

         Branch and Cut for Split Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem

         Direct-Store-Delivery Problem

Research Projects

Sate University of New Jersey, Rutgers, Newark, NJ

         March 2001-current

Demand and Supply Planning Optimization Project, General Chemical Group, NJ

We developed a mixed integer programming model to deal with after-acquisition production and distribution issues. Coded the MIP model in C++, and developed solution procedure utilizing CPLEX MIP solver. Trained company staffs to experiment with the model. The recommendations from this project saved the company several million dollars in operation spending. This project is a semi-finalist of the 2001 Edelman Award for Management Science Achievement.


         Summer 1999

Supplier Selection and Collaboration Strategies, Rockwell-Collins, IA

We developed an Analytical Hierarchy Process and criteria for supplier selection, and designed strategies and policies for building strong alliances and collaboration between Rockwell and suppliers.

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