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Film History for Sale

The Casablanca Piano from La Belle Aurore

the piano from Casablanca for sale at Sotheby’s, Dec. 14, 2012

“the works”

A Kiss is Just a Kiss….On 14 December 2012, Sotheby’s will offer the iconic Casablanca piano played by Sam in the Paris flashback scene. While Sam (actor Dooley Wilson) sings “As Time Goes By,” […]

Obama’s art army | Art and design | The Guardian

Good Evening! While watching the latest election returns, I found this item about contemporary artists and the Presidential Campaign. Enjoy!

From Laurie Anderson to Cindy Sherman to Richard Serra, the giants of US art are backing Obama. But then, writes Jonathan Jones as he takes a cultural tour of Washington DC, […]

Old Penn Station Featured in AMC’s Mad Men

I’m an avid fan of this show, and in Season 3, Episode 2, “Love Among the Ruins,” it touched on the controversy that raged in the early 1960s about the demolition of McKim, Mead and White’s Beaux-Arts Pennsylvania Station (itself modeled on the Roman Imperial Baths of Caracalla–a ruin–get it?) to make way for the […]