DubStep Database

DuBStep into Leadership develops the leadership abilities of students on the SUNY New Paltz campus. It opens these students up to new and enlightening experiences that they can then process through with their peers. It provides them with an opportunity to gain practical skills in problem solving, critical thinking, and articulation. The different pillars help to provide the student with a well rounded foundation for them to continue their growth. After participating in the DuBStep to Leadership program, the students have an increased awareness of self and boost of confidence to continue on their path of leadership.

Below you will find outlines for some of the DubStep Into Leadership programs, so that you can put on DubStep programs of your own! We are constantly updating the database so stay tuned for more.

Build It Up to Break it Down
Come At Me Bro
Puzzle Into Teamwork
Puzzle into Teamwork – Resources

We’s vs. Me’s

So You Want to Be An RA

Self Development:
How to Look Good Naked
Say What You Need to Say
Post It
Do You Fear The Color Purple?

I’m Ridin Solo
Presenting Pizza
Sex, Drugs, and Stereotypes
You Got 4 Minutes to Save The World
Baby Mall
Pro-Fresh 101

Ice Scream Recognition