Hall Gov Member Of The Month

To reward Hall Government members for all of their hard work every month you can nominate a Hall Government member of the Month. This Hall Government member can be from your hall or a different hall. You can nominate as many people as you would like. However, your hall will only receive Good Fellowship points for each new person who nominates. For example, if Jill nominates people her hall will only receive points for one nomination, but if Jack and Jill are from the same hall and they both nominate someone, their hall will receive GFPs for two nominations. If this is unclear or you have any questions about this process please email rhsa@newpaltz.edu!!

Past Winners:

April 2012
Cristina Battista [Dubois Hall]
April Submissions

March 2012
Andrew Sanchez [Esopus Hall]

February 2011
Corah Walker [Bouton Hall]

October 2011
Jaime Tyler [Lefevre Hall]

September 2011
Danielle Esposito [Scudder Hall]

May 2011
Danielle Kingsbury  [Gage Hall]

April 2011
Marissa Torregrosa  [Dubois Hall]

February 2011
Peter Hubert [Dubois Hall]


Nomination Form

Nomination Form