Hall Government Positions and Descriptions

Hall Government Guidebook!


  • To be present at all Hall Government meetings unless under exteme circumstances
  • To oversee the government and provide critical decisions as to the direction of the hall government
  • To give creative and procedural ideas, to take suggestions from and manage hall government members
  • To create an agenda that contains format and content for each meeting
  • Presidents are strongly encouraged to attend RHSA’s Associate Council Meetings
  • Meet with the Resident Director if needed

Vice President-

  • To support and interact with the President in meetings, at programs, and all Hall Government-related activities
  • To help the President in all tasks and paperwork
  • To provide a second voice in all managerial and procedural decisions
  • To stand in for the President during extenuating circumstances, such as sickness or unavoidable absence
  • To handle hall government Program Evaluations
  • Vice Presidents are strongly encouraged to attend RHSA’s Associate Council Meetings


  • To attend training with CAS representative
  • To oversee all financial matters and financial transactions, including but not limited to Disbursement Orders, reimbursements, inter-hall Disbursement Orders, and current totals
  • To confer with the President and Vice President on specific budgets
  • To confer with Hall Government members as to current budget amounts during each weekly meeting


  • To accurately record each weekly Hall Government meeting through note-taking, either on notepad or laptop
  • To type all notes for each meeting and send them in a Word Document to the President

Public Relations-

  • To create all flyers, advertisements, and announcements for Hall Government Programs, and other necessary handouts
  • To post all flyers and information given at the AC Meetings
  • To create hall government posters that are recognizable and unique
  • Manage Facebook page and email account

RHSA Representative-

  • To attend the weekly AC Meetings held in different halls throughout the semester
  • To be the main communication and connection to the RHSA AC Meetings
  • To bring up all of the Hall’s questions and concerns, bring back any necessary information including upcoming events, programs, issues, and a short description of the goings-on at the meetings
  • To attend and volunteer all applicable RHSA programs


  • To photograph and keep record of the events put on by Hall Government
  • To send pictures to the RHSA Historian for various uses
  • Make a scrapbook for the Hall throughout the year

Floor Representative-

  • Be the direct link between Hall Government and the residents of each hall
  • Speak to residents to promote programs