S.T.A.R.S is an on campus leadership conference which is open to the student body. Here we encourage students to attend multiple programming tracks, so that they can learn how to better program in their own halls. This conference is also a great networking opportunity, since you will be interacting and attending programs with leaders from all over the campus.

S.T.A.R.S is an acronym or different type of programs we would like to see at the conference. Each letter represents a word that categorizes programs and helps direct the experience into a specific learning track.

S – Self – These programs are directed at bettering the individual.  Programs can vary in themes like personal health, how to take care of yourself, self motivation, and more.  Here we want you to come up with a program that can be beneficial to the individual!

T – Teamwork – In this category, we are looking for programs that help build teamwork.  Here programs can be based around team development, team management, and team success.  These programs should allow attendees to work with one another to complete a task or reach a specific goal.

A – Action – This category is dedicated to inspiring and motivating some kind of change.  It’s about looking at a cause and seeing how people can come together to achieve a goal.  Here programs can educate its attendees about different situations and encouraging “Action” to take place.  Some examples include: how to fundraise for Relay for Life, education programs about human rights, or even How To’s: use your resources on campus.

R – Responsibility – These programs are designed to teach attendees about personal and group responsibilities.  They can show how one person’s or group’s decisions can change the lives of others both negatively and positively.  Some themes which would be included in this category are Sex Education, Position Workshops, and Development.

S – Skills – This category is dedicated to teaching students different tips, tricks, and theories about being a student leader.  This category can include programs like self-motivation, using your resources, how to’s, building up a community, etc.  These programs are here to help give students leaders skills that they can take through positions and their lives.

Here is an example program from a previous year:

STARS Programming 2011