Past Program Winners

Fall ’10 Spirit Weekend: Dubois Hall
Fall ’10 Banner: Bliss Hall
Fall ’10 Lip Sync: Crispell Hall
Spring ’10 Survivor: Scudder Hall
Spring ’10 Color Wars: Bouton Hall, Collango Hall, and Scudder Hall
Fall ’11 Spirit Weekend: Crispell Hall and Scudder Hall
Fall ’11 Banner: Bevier Hall
Spring ’11 Hall Stars:
+ Sci-Fi : Dubois Hall
+ Romantic Comedy: Bliss Hall
+ Horror: Capen Hall
+ Action:  Bevier Hall
Spring ’11 Recyclemania: Lenape Hall
Spring ’11 Color Wars: Bouton Hall, Bliss Hall, Deyo Hall
Fall ’12 Spirit Weekend: Gage Hall
Fall ’12 Banner: Lenape Hall
Fall ’12 Lip Sync: Bevier Hall

Fall ’13 Spirit Weekend: Lenape Hall
Fall ’13 Lip Sync: Bouton Hall
Fall ’13 Banner: Dubois Hall
Fall ’13 Penny Wars: Dubois Hall
Fall ’13 Field Events: Lenape Hall
Fall ’13 Scavenger Hunt: Lenape Hall

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