Executive Board / Office Hours

The RHSA Executive Board consists of 8 students elected by the Associate Council, a student elected by the National Residence Hall Honorary, as well as 3 advisers, Resident Directors appointed by the Department of Residence Life.

The Executive Board is responsible for maintaining the organization, program planning and execution, and representing students to SUNY New Paltz’s administration and professional staff.

The President ensures the general welfare of the organization as a whole and acts as a sounding board to the rest of the Executive Board.

Ariana Carbonaro

Year: Senior
Studying: English, Minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Office Hours: Thursday 3-5 pm

The Vice-President is responsible for FUSEing all RHSA events, coordinating an inter-hall program, and taking the place of the President in his/her absence.
Samantha Liu  Year: Junior
Studying: International Business, Marketing
Office Hours: Friday 12:30-2:30
The Treasurer maintains all aspects of RHSA’s finances and coordinates the Care Package Program.
Alana SlackyYear: Junior
Studying: Communication Disorder, Linguistics, Minor in Deaf Studies
Office Hours: Thursday 1-3
The Secretary takes minutes at all Associate Council and Executive Board meetings, distributes AC agendas, and maintains RHSA’s office supplies.
                      Catherine Callan                        Year: Sophomore
Studying: Undeclared
Office Hours: Tuesday 4:30-6:30
Public Relations
The Public Relations officer is responsible for publicizing all RHSA events and meetings.
Rui Gomez

Year: Sophomore
Studying: Astronomy and Physics, Minor in Computer Science
Office Hours: Monday 1-3

Co-National Communications Coordinators
The Co-National Communications Coordinators (Co-NCCs) are responsible for connecting SUNY New Paltz to schools throughout the region and the nation. They take delegates to conferences and organize the annual S.T.A.R.S Conference.

                             Michael Hebert                                             

Year: Junior
Studying: Adolescent Education-Social Studies, Minor in Music, Religious Studies
Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-3:30

Campus     Communication Coordinator
The Campus Communication Coordinator (CCC) is responsible for all communication between RHSA and various departments and organizations on campus including Residence Life and the National Residence Hall Honorary. The CCC also keeps track of Good Fellowship Points.
            Angelique Burgos Year: Junior
Studying: Visual Arts
Office Hours: Monday 4-6
The Historian is responsible for chronicling the history of RHSA. The Historian also serves as the webmaster for the RHSA website and social media sites.
       Alejandro Sarasky

Year: Sophomore
Studying: Computer Science
Office Hours: Wednesday 3:30-5:30