• To better meet the needs of residents by focusing on issues of specific interest to RHSA that Executive Board cannot properly address all on their own
  • To allow students other than the Executive Board to be directly influential in RHSA’s programming
  • To create more leadership positions and opportunities for residents to get involved within their campus community
  • To allow greater expansion and growth as a student run organization

Anyone who is a member of RHSA may serve on a committee. (Note: Every student who lives on campus is a member of RHSA) The size of a committee is based on student interest and the discretion of the Executive Board.

For the Fall Semester, Executive Board members will serve as Chairs of committees. We hope that in the future, past committee members can serve as Chairs of committees and Executive Board members will serve as advisors.

Committees will be responsible for submitting reports at Associate Council Meetings, at least monthly. Individual committee responsibilities are listed below.

Keep in mind that the outlines of committees below are subject to change. The ultimate direction of a committee will be based on its members and feedback from RHSA as a whole.

Committee Descriptions:
The following committees will form in the beginning of the fall semester:


  • Hold forums to raise awareness and educate students on issues relevant to campus life
  • Conduct surveys to gauge student interest in and feedback on issues relevant to campus life
  • Assist RHSA’s Executive Board in addressing student’s campus concerns
  • Explore ways RHSA can better incorporate advocacy into its overall structure
  • Plan and execute at least 2 service projects a semester
  • Give back and make our community a better place!


  • Be involved in the creation of advertisements which will broadcast across campus.
  • Gain experience in video media production.

The following committees will form late in the fall semester or early in the spring semester:


  • Plan and execute the annual Winter Formal program

Yearbook Comittee

  • Design a yearbook for the current school semester of RHSA.

Want to join a committee?? Go to any RHSA Office Hours or talk to any E-board member at the RHSA meetings!!