The RHSA/NRHH Newsletter

Hello everyone! There was quite a delay, but the newest edition of the newsletter is now up under the Resources tab.
Notice that it’s a bit short? Notice there is still no title? You can do something about that!

We strongly encourage every hall to send a Word from the Halls submission to the next publication, which will have a deadline at the end of February, so there is plenty of time to plan out your new programs and talk about it in the newsletter! It is a simple, quick, easy submission that gets your hall GFPs!

We are also still looking for a name for the collaborative newsletter. Be creative! Keep in mind that we want a name that distinguishes us as representatives of the resident body, not part of Residence Life. It is not listed on our GFP database as a way to earn GFPs, but the submissions are welcome. What better reward than YOUR submitted name on EACH newsletter? Right?

Remember to come to our meeting tonight at 9 in Scudder Hall and have a WONDERFUL semester!