What is an OTM?
One of the many services of NACURH, Inc. is the ‘Of the Month’ Award, which is administered through the National Residence Hall Honorary. The ‘Of the Month’ process recognizes outstanding contributions to College and University Residence Halls in the following categories: Advisor, Community, Community Service Program, Desk Attendant, Diversity Program, Educational Program, Executive Board Member, Faculty/Staff, First Year Experience, Organization, Residential/Community Assistant, Social Program, Spotlight, Student. Any school affiliated with NACURH is eligible to make or receive an ‘Of the Month’ award and/or nomination. The OTM must me month specific, meaning the nomination should only focus on the month for which it is written. The information outlined below is designed to assist you in writing a quality nomination.

How to Submit an OTM nomination:

  • Go to OTMS.nrhh.org¬†create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • Click on the appropriate link under “Submit OTMs” on the left side of the Web site:
    • If you want to submit a Program OTM, click on “Program Category.”
    • If you want to submit an OTM in another category (Advisor, Community, Executive Board Member, Organization, etc.), click on “General Category.”Under “Please select your University,” select “SUNY New Paltz”
  • Complete the entire online form Nominee’s organization and nominator’s organization refers to the residence hall the individual lives or works in. Hit “Submit”


An example of a quality OTM can be found here:


Have any more questions about OTMS? Check out this website to answer all your questions. http://www.nrhh.nacurh.org/resources