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Applications for the Phi Psi chapter of NRHH are now available! Check out the “NRHH Application” link at the top of the page for more info!

Wondering why to apply? Check out this video!





And a big congratulations to…

  • Kyle Fassett for his regionally winning OTM about first year student Andie Petrillo
  • Kris Pistillo for his regionally winning OTM about the New Paltz Slam Team
  • Jessica Fiorillo for her regional honorable mention OTM about Resident Assistant Sabrina Adikes
  • Kyleen Classon for her first place passive program “No Makeup March” at Minis 2011
  • Jennifer Everdyke for being named NEACURH’s President of the Year for 2010-2011
  • the Phi Psi chapter for being named RBD Choice Chapter of the Year for 2010-2011
  • Phyllis Beatty and Carlos Ramirez, our two newest SOFA recipients


Carlos receiving the SOFA award




the Phi Psi chapter

Congratulations to our Winter 2010 inductees:

Megan Brannan
Courtney Cavanaugh
Stephen Dowd
Kyle Fassett
Jessica Fiorillo
Leslie Green
Sarah LeBarron
Kelvin Resurreccion
Kelly Speed
Marissa Stephani
Jared Young


the E-Board and advisers

Executive Board

President: Jen Everdyke

Vice President: Kris Pistillo

Treasurer: Alison Uhrlass

Secretary: Meghan Kilfeather

Public Relations: Katie Harman

Advisers: Val Turco and Corrie Schwabrow