Q. Do I need to be a RA to Apply?
A. Nope! Many students believe being a RA is a requirement for applying. Many of our members do hold RA positions, but it is not a prerequisite.

Q. What are the academic requirements?
A. To be considered, all applicants must be in good academic standing and must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Q. I’ve never been a president of an organization/ I am not involved in much. Can I still qualify?
A. We are not looking for people who hold specific positions for are involved in countless activities. We are looking for students who demonstrate outstanding leadership capabilities and who want to make a difference on our campus.

Q. I am already involved in so much–why should I try to take on another activity?
A. Regardless of the amount of time you have available, if you are at all interested in applying–apply! Meetings are generally every other week (planned around everyone’s schedules). All other programs and events are also around other members’ schedules. As student leaders, all of the members are involved in a lot.

Q: What does being a member entail?
A: The chapter is split into four committees that support each of the four pillars. The committees meet on the weeks when the chapter doesn’t meet to plan upcoming programs or find ways for the chapter to embody their respective pillar. In addition, a points system is used to maintain active members. To remain an active member, you need to accumulate at least 100 points by the end of the semester, by doing community service, attending NRHH programs, helping out with NRHH, attending meetings, and many other ways.

Who is selected?

Each semester, individuals who have shown leadership ability, who have contributed to the Residence Life program, and who meet the criteria established by the Chapter shall be considered and nominated for membership.

The maximum number of members cannot exceed 1% of the current resident student population.

Members are selected at the end of each semester.