Awards & Recognition


Throughout the semester, the National Residence Hall Honorary presents the following awards to recognize hard-working staff and students at SUNY New Paltz.

A.B.C.D. – An ABCD stands for “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.” This award is given to student organizations that have had an unforgettable impact on our campus community. NRHH members “crash” their meetings in order to present these groups with their award and let them know that their contributions have not only been noticed, but are appreciated.

B.O.C – A BOC is a “Breakfast of Champions.” This award is given to faculty or staff groups that have done something truly extraordinary in order to better serve the students on campus. NRHH members go to their offices and present them with these awards, and an actual breakfast.

F.R.O.G- The FROG award is an acronym for “For Recognition of Growth.” It is given to an individual whose growth has been recognized by those individuals around them.

G.R.E.A.T. – The GREAT award is an acronym for “Giving Recognition to Exceptional Athletic Teams.” It is given to sports teams who do more than merely excel at a sport: they are a true family, they have drive, perseverance and more.

M.A.D.E- The MADE award is an acronym for “Making A Difference Everyday.” It is given to an individual or group in the Hudson Valley Region who benefits those around them.

R.A.D.- The RAD award is an acronym for “Recognizing Academic Dedication.” It is given to a student who is truly dedicated to their studies as well as extracurriculars.

S.O.F.A. – A SOFA award stands for “Staff or Faculty Award.” This award is given to individual professors or campus staff members that have profoundly changed the lives of students as well as others around them. The recipient of this award is sneakily invited to a luncheon where they are presented with this award.

S.T.A.R.– A STAR award is given to “Students That Are Remarkable.” These STAR students work tirelessly in order to improve our campus and make it the best that it can be. These students are leaders on campus, whether in defined leadership positions or not and are gifted scholars.




How Can YOU Recognize?

OTM – An Of the Month is an award given out by our organization each month various categories including; Resident Assistant, Advisor, Executive Board Member, Student, Community, First Year Student, Spotlight, Organization and Program. An OTM spotlights someone, or a group of people who have gone above and beyond. When writing an OTM, be creative and most of all have fun! For more information, see this page.

Out of the Blues – Out of the Blues are a just a nice way of saying “thanks.” Perhaps someone holds the door open for you every single day, but you do not have a lot of money to buy them a gift. Sending an Out of the Blue is a great way to thank them!! To send an Out of the Blue, please e-mail with the following information: Name of Recipient, Name of Sender (If you would like to include it), Recipient’s Address (Resident Hall/Room Number), and the message you would like to send.