At this ceremony, the National Residence Hall Honorary Phi Psi Chapter was delighted to induct 12 new members and an honorary member, and, sadly, say goodbye to one member as she graduated from SUNY New Paltz. There was also a pin to be awarded!

Here are our inductees, starting in the top row from the left:
Payal Batra, Jennifer Newman, Maria Gillin, Adrian Jurek, Patch Thurlow, our honorary member Shannon Calderon, Sarah Alloush, Paola Vargas, Paige Olscamp, Ariana Carbonaro, Christina Boland, Angela Shriman, and Ashley Enright

chelsea delisser

Sadly, the Phi Psi Chapter said goodbye to Chelsea DeLisser, who is graduating from SUNY New Paltz. We wish her the best of luck!

But, on a happy note, a BRONZE PIN was awarded! Congratulations and thank you to chapter member Steven Sullivan, who truly grew as a student leader this semester. He did amazing work this semester by being on the Executive Board of our sister organization, RHSA, a very active member of NRHH, and by leading a program at the Fall 2013 NEACURH conference!

Zachary Rousseas, SA Vice President, truly Makes a Difference Everyday. In everything he does, he shows his dedication to gender equality in the SUNY system and in the residence halls, and strives to make campus life better for everyone. Congratulations and thank you!

Thank you to the Make A Difference Day Committee, who truly went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty in making this year’s Make A Difference Day huge. Thank you for continuing to work hard each year to bring volunteers to places of need, and for your support in community service. Many of our chapter members loved being a part of MADD!

Tunnel of Oppression is an event where spectators witness various types of discrimination, hate and oppression. Participants walk through a room and witness skits that are centered on prevalent issues of hate that affect our society today. Viewers walking by and not speaking up against the oppression that they see is meant to mirror our society’s general silence and taboo over many of these forms of oppression. The annual program is held every fall.

The fall 2013 Tunnel of Oppression was a huge success and we feel we spread knowledge about issues that affect our campus. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and attended our program!

Chapter member Tamara Litt and a volunteer demonstrate bullying. (Repost from the SUNY New Paltz Instagram!)

Participants wait to enter the Tunnel.

Thank you to all of our chapter members and volunteers who made this event possible!

NP rugby


The Men’s Rugby Team was awarded the G.R.E.A.T. (Giving Recognition to Exceptional Athletic Teams) Award to recognize their charity to the community. During the Spring 2013 semester, the team held a blood drive and participated in St. Baldrick’s, in which they raised over $8,000 for childhood cancer.

RAD award


Andre was awarded the R.A.D. (Recognition for Academic Dedication) Award to recognize his hard work as an electrical engineering major and a math minor, his independent work with his professors, his participating in an internship, as well as his dedication to his extracurriculars: the Men’s Rugby team, the Solar Car team, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.