BIO111 Introduction to Animal Life - A survey of the animal phyla including the study of structure,  metamorphosis, adaptations, and behavior. The development of the students' sensitivity and awareness of what can be learned from careful observations in natural field situations will be emphasized. Designed  for non-science majors; does not count toward biology major. 

BIO201 General Biology I Laboratory - An introduction to modern biology: molecular and cellular organization  of living systems, energy transformations and metabolism, the principles of classical and molecular genetics, and the basic embryological  changes during the development of an organism.-

BIO202 General Biology II Laboratory - An introduction to modern biology: diversity of life forms, the process of evolution, and the interactions of organisms with their environment and with each other.

BIO350 General Microbiology - Morphological, biochemical, physiological, and genetic aspects of microbial growth, especially bacteria. Bacterial classification, growth control, and roles in environment and health also considered. Laboratory teaches essential techniques.

BIO308 Basic Molecular Biology Laboratory - Background, theory and techniques of molecular biology with the analysis of published research. Class discussions, independent research, written and oral presentations required.

BIO540 Immunology - The genetic, cellular, molecular, developmental and biochemical aspects  of the immune system will be covered. These aspects are discussed in relation to the disease process and experimental analysis. Discussions  of current research are included.

BIO495/595 Independent Study

The above are classes I have taught or am currently teaching.

I am also the General Biology Laboratory Coordinator. If you have any questions regarding Gen Bio lab, either as a current or prospective student, feel free to contact me at

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