Indo-Pacific biotope composed of rock from Bali, Indonesia

Closeup from our Indonesian biotope. Starting at 12 oclock and going clockwise from the top, a single brown Palythoa sp. polyp, 2 Aiptasia pallida, a medium-sized pink colony of Anthelia, tiny unidentified octocorals, towards center, hairy mushroom coral Rhodactus indosinensis, and orange-centered Zoanthus sp. The area represented is ~8cm square! Much of the life you see has spread from a few initial organisms colonizing the rock.

Mid-Atlantic rocky shore biotope

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This collection contains an assortment of plants and animals taken from intertidal rocky shore areas in Maine, USA. Green sea lettuce (Ulva), Sugar kelp (Laminaria), Dulse (Rhodymenia), Frilled anemone (Metridium), Northern red anemone (Urticina), Tortoiseshell limpet (Acmaea), Atlantic red chiton (Ischnochiton), Blue mussel (Mytilus), Common periwinkle (Littorina), Whaved whelk (Buccinium), Slime fan worm (Myxicola), Spaghetti worms (Amphitrite), Sandworms  (Nereis), Twelve scaled worm (Lepidonotus), Rock  barnacle (Balanus), Northern sea  star (Asterias), Green sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus), Blood star (Henricia), Sea vase  (Ciona)

Clockwise from top, large orange Urticina, small orange Urticina on same rock, Strongylocentrotus, Ciona

Northeastern Woodland

Our Northeastern Woodland biotope is composed of species collected by our General Biology class during laboratory field trips 4/19/10-4/21/10. Included are Ambystoma  maculatum (spotted salamander), Plethodon cinereus (red-backed salamander), Chrysemys  picta (Eastern Painted turtle)

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