My research students

  • Ilya Kukovitskiy (Spring 2017), Factorization of differential operators on the algebra of densities
  • Finley Hartley (Spring 2016), Geometric framescope for Darboux transformations
  • Simon Li (Fall 2015, Spring 2016), Darboux transformations and Berezinians
  • Gabrielle Buck (Fall 2015, Spring 2016), Orbits under Darboux transformations of type I
  • Sean Hill (Spring 2015), Analogues of Darboux transformations in Super Case. Our paper is accepted to Russian Mathematical Surveys Darboux transformations for differential operators on the superline
  • Dante Peluso and Michelle Parra (Fall 2014), Complex analysis in geography: the Mercator map and Moebius transformations
  • Caitlin Kennedy (Fall 2014 and Fall 2015), Flow around airfoils of special kinds
  • John Curtin, Devin Grady and Paul Lake (Spring 2014, Fall 2014), Making Latex dynamical for a mathematical game.

Research presentations of my students