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Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
SUNY at New Paltz

AMS member since 2014
AWM member since 2016


Fall 2016: Abstract Algebra, Foundations of Algebra and Linear Algebra, see NP blackboard system.

Past: Foundations of Algebra, Linear Algebra, Calculus 1,2, Vector Calculus (Calculus 3), PDEs, integrated MAPLE, graduate course: algebraic methods for PDEs.


Research: list of my publications

Algebra, Geometry, and Computational Mathematics.
Algebraic, geometric and symbolic methods for partial differential operators.

Students' research projects: see here

Research funding: see here

Other Useful Activities:

  1. NSF panel 2017
  2. Organizer (with Emma Previato) of the special session Integrability and Geometry at XXXV Workshop on Geometric Methods in Physics in Poland, 26 June - 2 July, 2016.
    See web page with some post-conference materials here!

  3. Poster chair of ISSAC 2015 (up to 400 participants).
  4. Publicity chair of ISSAC 2014 (up to 400 participants).

  5. SUNY NP: Faculty governance. Committee on Research, Awards, and Leaves (2016-present).
  6. SUNY NP: central committee member for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (2014-2016).
  7. SUNY NP: Calculus coordinator (2013-present).
  8. SUNY NP: faculty advisor for math clubs: SIAM & AWM & AMS student chapters (2013-present).

SIAM & AWM & AMS student chapters:

I am "Club advisor of the year" for Fall13-Spring14 academic year! The photo.
Join us for Trivia Nights (jeopardy-style game), Case Closed (a math lawyer-detective game), Integration Bee, Algebra Bee, trips to Math and Science museums, conference trips.



Postdoc with Tatyana Barron ,
Department of Mathematics,
Western University (formely UWO), Canada.

PhD (2007, Excellent grade) and postdoc with Franz Winkler
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), Austria.

MSc. (2004, with honour (Cum Laude)),
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics,
Chair of Higher Algebra,
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.


Office: FOB S3
Phone: +1 (845) 257-3572
Fax: +1 (845) 257-3571
E-mail: shemyake put_AT_here newpaltz put_full_stop_here edu
Address: Department of Mathematics
Faculty Office Building (FOB) S3
State University of New York at New Paltz
1 Hawk Dr.
New Paltz, NY 12561-2443

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