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Jonathan Schwartz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science

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Yangtze River

Along the Yangze River (2004)

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Achieving Effective Environmental Protection in China.  In this research I study the role Civil Society and the state play in environmental protection.  This involves studying Chinese public participation in environmental protection via Chinese environmental non-governmental organizations as well as via state and quasi-state actors.  What powers do these organizations enjoy and how effectively can they advance their goals within the confines of the Chinese state?

 Evaluating the effectiveness of Pandemic Response – Comparative study of the US, China, Taiwan and South Korea.  A collaborative project between St. Louis University Institute for Bio-Security and SUNY New Paltz, we are developing policy recommendations for “best practices” in pandemic response.  We approach this project by first identifying successful pandemic responses among countries and then evaluating the impact of cultural values on the ability of other countries to adapt these “best practices”.  The project currently draws on data from the US and China, but is being expanded to incorporate data from Taiwan, South Korea and Mexico. 

 Epidemic preparedness at the sub-county level in China .  Incorporating extensive field work and survey data, this study evaluates local level Centers for Disease Control preparedness in the face of anticipated epidemic outbreaks in Shaanxi province. 

Testimony before the US-China Economic and Security Commission (August 2008) on China's Environment

III. Courses:

The Study Mission to China includes a three week visit to a variety of  politically and historically important sites.  For photos from the most recent (2006) Mission see the link below.  For information about the trip, check out the 2006 syllabus here . You can also check the SUNY New Paltz Study Abroad website.

Shanghai, Pudong Skyline, June 2006

For more images from the China Mission, click here