Haselton Lab
Montage of lab related images including flies, a fly brain, and a student looking through a microscope.
Drosophila brain

Research in the Haselton lab focuses on insect nutritional physiology with particular emphasis on the alterations in neuroendocrine signaling, metabolism and related behaviors resulting from the detection of ingested nutrients. Work in the lab has centered on flies as they are both well-established models for insect and animal feeding physiology, and as they possess unique feeding-related adaptiations that make them interesting subjects of study.  Our research is aimed at illuminating the mechanisms that integrate the neurohormonal regulation of feeding with the overall physiological response to the ingestion of nutrients in insects.

Regina Klein (Biology '07)
Joseph Dipietro (Psychology '08)
Jennifer Ollendorf (Psychology '08)
Ryan Vinson (Physics '09)
Omar Diaz (Psychology '09)
Aysha Khan (Biology '09)
Angela Acevedo (Biology '10)
Jannett Dinsmore (Biology '10)
Hana Akimoto (Biology '10)
Nick Helms (Biology '10)
Leila Crisson (Biology '11)
Aruna Puthota (Biology '11)
Olivia Gliserman (Biology '11)
Jake Kuruvilla (Biology)
Eric Werner (Biology)
Jaydon Kiernan (Biology)

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