Phyllis R. Freeman, Ph.D.

Graduate Research Methods

Brief Course Description

This course explores in detail the aims, techniques, and ethics of research in psychology. Methods of data collection include observational methods, survey research, true experimental designs and quasi-experimental designs. Students keep an intellectual journal, prepare a field study, a group survey project, and a final grant package. This course is part of the required core for the MA degree in Psychology.

Health Psychology

Brief Course Description

Health Psychology, an emerging specialty field, has been defined as the aggregate of the knowledge base of psychology applied to health and illness (Matarazzo, 1984). This course examines how biological, psychological, and social factors interact to influence individual behavior related to promoting health, preventing illness, and coping with illness, pain, and disability. Students keep an intellectual journal. I sometimes offer this writing-intensive undergraduate course at the Graduate Level when it is called Seminar in Contemporary Research, and the course is appropriate for both Psychology and Counseling graduate students.

Psychology of Perception

Brief Course Description

This course is an introduction to the scientific study of perception from a physiological approach concentrating on vision. Problems in human perception have a long history in the development of psychology as an independent science. Topics include both traditional (color, size, depth, mov't, etc) and so-called non-traditional areas in perception and the psychology of consciousness.

Introductory Psychology 

Brief Course Description

Topics include research methods, states of consciousness, cognition, sensation and perception, developmental psychology, brain and behavior, personality, learning, motivation, social psychology, psychological disorders and treatment, stress and health, and psychology as an independent science.

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