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People of ASNY

Officers and Executive Committee

Chairman Chris O'Dea, RIT
Vice Chairman Philip Nicholson, Cornell University
Secretary Rebecca Koopmann, Union College
Treasurer Aileen O'Donoghue, St. Lawrence
Executive Committee Member Christina Lacey, Hofstra University
Fred Walter, Stony Brook


Member Institutions and Representatives

American Museum of Natural History Ben Oppenheimer
Columbia University Joseph Patterson
Cornell University Philip Nicholson
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Wayne Roberge
Rochester Institute of Technology Joel Kastner
SUNY Stony Brook Fred Walter
University of Rochester Eric Mamajek
Associate Member Institutions and Representatives
Alfred University David Toot
Colgate University Tom Balonek
College of Staten Island CUNY Charles Liu
Dudley Observatory Janie Schwab
Hamilton College Natalia Connolly
Hartwick College Parker Troischt
Hofstra University Christina Lacey
National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center Don Campbell
St. Lawrence University Aileen O'Donoghue
Siena College Rose Finn
Skidmore College Mary Crone Odekon
Suffolk County Community College Mike Inglis
SUNY Geneseo Aaron Steinhauer
SUNY New Paltz Amy Forestell
Union College Rebecca Koopmann
Vassar College Fred Chromey


Board of Directors

Patterson (Columbia) Roberge (RPI) Metchev (Stony Brook)
Nicholson (Cornell) Hastings (Hofstra) Walter (Stony Brook)
Chromey (Vassar) Koopmann (Union) O'Donoghue (St. Lawrence)
Mamajek (U. Rochester) Whittet (RPI) Crotts (Columbia)
Toot (Alfred) Crone Odekon (Skidmore) Watson (U. Rochester)
O'Dea (RIT) Lloyd (Cornell) Kastner (RIT)
Finn (Siena) Forestell (New Paltz)