Professor Kathleen Dowley
Department of Political Science and International Relations 

Director, SUNY Model European Union

Office:  JFT  920
Office Phone:  257-3558
Office Hours:   Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30, Thursdays, 11-12, Fridays 1:45-2:45


Teaching and Research Interests:

Comparative Politics and International Relations

                  European Politics, Democratization, Ethnic Conflict, Women and Politics, Research Methods

Education:     Ph.D. Michigan State University, August 1997
                       M.A. University of Michigan, Russian and East European Studies


“Local Government Transparency in East Central Europe,” Kathleen M. Dowley, Local Government Studies, volume 32, no. 5, (November 2006).


“Nation-Building in East Central Europe:  Civic or Ethnic Majorities?” Kathleen M. Dowley, Chapter 5, Political Economy of Transition in Eurasia, Norman A. Graham and Folke Lindahl, editors, (Michigan State University Press, April 2006).

“Cross-National Survey Research and Subnational Pluralism,”
Kathleen M. Dowley and Brian D. Silver, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, vol. 17, no. 2, (Summer 2005).

                "Social Capital, Ethnicity and Support for Democracy in the Post-Communist States," Europe-Asia Studies, June 2002,                     reprinted in G. Badescu and E. Uslaner, editors, Social Capital and the Transition to Democracy, (Routledge, 2003).

                "Subantional and National Loyalty:  Cross-National Comparisons," Kathleen M. Dowley and Brian D. Silver, 
                  International Journal of Public Opinion Research,
 December 2000.

                "Re-distributing Authority in Russia:  Regional Governors' Preferences," by Kathleen M. Dowley in Redistribution of                     Authority:  A Cross-Regional Perspective, J. Bukowski and S. Rajagopalan, Editors, Praeger, 2000.

                 "Measuring Political Culture in Multiethnic Societies:  Reaggregating the World Values Survey,"  Brian D. Silver and                     Kathleen M. Dowley, Comparative Political Studies, Spring 2000.

                "Striking the Federal Bargain in Russia:  Comparative Regional Government Strategies," Kathleen M. Dowley,
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Studies, December 1998.

              "Post-Materialism in World Societies:  Is It Really a Value Dimension?" Darren Davis, Kathleen M. Dowley, Brian D.                         Silver, American Journal of Political Science, July 1999.

Fall 2007 Courses:     
                                 PS77229:     Introduction to Comparative Politics
                                 PS77404:     Senior Seminar in International Politics
                                 PS77339:     Model United Nations