Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Lidia Bloshanskaya
Department of Mathematics
SUNY at New Paltz
1 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, NY 12561

+1 845 257 3526

Research Interests

  nonlinear flows in porous media
  computational fluid dynamics
  data assimilation
  mathematical modeling
  scientific computing

My research is supported by the Simons Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians
PI, award no. 75184 , 2016-2021, $35,000
"Nonlinear flows in porous media: modeling, analysis and applications"

Current events

  1. Math&Cookies, September 30th, 11:00 - 12:00 in FOB S14

    "Gibbs Phenomena: What has happened to Eeyore's Tail?"

    Introduction to the Fourier series, JPEG file compression and "ringing artifacts" caused by Gibbs Phenomena
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  2. Mathematicians about non-Math, October 16th, 5:30pm in FOB S12

    "Nikolay Gumilyov: at the frontier of poetry and life"

    This evening is dedicated to life and poetry of Russian Silver Age poet Nikolay Gumilyov
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  3. AWM series, December 2nd, 6pm in FOB S12

    "Women in Mathematics: Sofia Kovalevskaya"

    "I perceive that I am destined to serve the truth, the science, and to draw the new course for women, because it means to serve the justice"
    S. Kovalevskaya
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Curriculum Vitae

Numerical Methods with MATLAB