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Setting up and using Signatures

Signature Setup

  • Setting Up a Signature
    1. First log into Zimbra and click on the Preferences tab located in the upper right hand area.
    2. Click Signatures in the list of Preferences on the left.
    3. In the main text window under Name (which defaults to "Signature #1", enter the text of your signature.
    4. At the bottom of this page for both "New Messages" and "Replies & Forwards" change it from "No Signature" to "Signature #1".
    5. Click "Save" at the top left.

  • Adding New Paltz Logo to Signature
    1. Enter the following URL in your web browser:
    2. http://www.newpaltz.edu/identity/toolbox/emlogo.png
    3. Right click the logo and select Copy
    4. Paste into your Signature and Save
    5. This actually inserts the link to the hosted image file, rather than attaching a new instance of it to every email

  • HTML Signature exceeds maximum length of 1,024
    1. Sometimes Zimbra does a poor job of removing markup from the signature file after performing font changes.
    2. There is a dropdown in the upper right on the signature that says Format As HTML.
    3. Click this, select Format as Plain Text, and save.
    4. Change this back to Format as HTML, apply the appropriate font changes, and save the signature again.

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