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Calendar Sharing in Zimbra

Calendar Sharing

In Zimbra, you can share mail folders, calendars, address books, task lists, and documents with anyone else on campus who uses Zimbra.

To share a calendar:

  1. Right click on the calendar name (in the list of calendars at the top left and choose "Share Calendar".
  2. Enter the person's FULL e-mail address in the Email box. For the purpose of Sharing you MUST enter the person's e-mail address as username@zmail.newpaltz.edu NOT just their username, or their username@newpaltz.edu.
  3. The default option of "Viewer" lets the person you are sharing with just view items in that folder, and not change them. If you want to give full control to someone else you will have to use the "Manager" option.
  4. Leave the "Message" option as "Send standard message"
folder sharing properties

To share Folders or Address Books:

The process is the same as sharing a calendar, but the first step will require you to right clicking and choosing "Share Address Book" or "Share Folder"

Accepting Shares

If someone has shared an item with you, you will get a new e-mail from them with the subject:

You can click "Accept Share" or "Decline Share"

Accept/Decline message

If you click "Accept Share" you will be presented with a message like the one below. We recommend you shorten the folder name given before pressing Yes. The 'default' share name will be the full name of the person who shared the folder, and the name of the folder. You may want to shorten it to just "John's Calendar" or "Jane's Addresses" for example.

Revoking Shares

To revoke a share, and remove access to a folder for a person, do the following

  1. Right click on the folder you want to change access for and select "Edit Properties".
  2. You can click the "Revoke" button next to the e-mail address of the person you want to remove access for. If you have a folder with multiple people sharing it, there will be a Revoke option listed next to each address. You will ask to confirm whether or not you want to Revoke the Share. Click Yes to confirm, No to cancel.
Accept Share Message
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