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Sending E-mail in Zimbra

Sending E-mail

To send an e-mail, click on the "New" button at the top left (below the Mail tab). This will open a new window to compose your message.

You can type recipient's addresses in the To and/or Cc fields. Multiple addresses should be separated by commas. If you want to send messages to people as Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy), then click on "Show BCC" to the right of the CC field

Pulling names from Address Books

Clicking on either the To or Cc buttons will bring up the Address book mini-window. By default, it will be showing the Global Address List (which is the list of all users on the Zimbra system). You can change it to show your other address books by selecting "Personal and Shared Contacts" at the top right (where it says "Show names from").

You can click on an address and then on the "To" button to make that address appear in the To field. You can do the same with the "Cc" and "Bcc" buttons for those fields.

You can add multiple people at a time by holding the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard while you click on the names with your mouse.

Only a certain number of addresss are shown at once (up to 50). You can move forward and backwards in the address book with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons at the bottom left.

Formatting your message

Below the subject line, you will see the formatting options shown in the image below. The labels correspond to the following items:

  1. Font Style
  2. Font Size
  3. Justification (left,right,center,full)
  4. Bulleted List
  5. Numbered List
  6. Decrease Indent and Increase Indent
  7. Bold, Italics, and Underline
  8. Select font color (click on the arrow to choose color)
  9. Select font background (click on the arrow to choose color)
  10. Create a horizontal dividing line
  11. Insert Table
compose window

Attaching Files

To attach files, click on the "Add Attachment" button at the top of the compose window.

You can attach up to five files by default by using the five "Browse" buttons to select files on your computer or shared drives. If you need to have more than five attachments, click on the "Add More Attachments" button.

If you are sending image files, and want those images to appear in the body of the message, click on hte "Show images in message body" check box in the attachment window

When you've finished attaching files, click on the "Attach" button.

Sending your message

When finished typing your message, attaching files, etc., you can choose one of the following options

  • Click on Send at the top left to send your message
  • Click on Cancel at the top to cancel your message and discard it
  • Click on Save Draft at the top to save your message in the Drafts folder. You can go back in and edit that message at a later time/date.

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