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Reading Messages in Zimbra

Once you login to Zimbra, you are place in the "Mail" view, where all your e-mail is stored. Your Inbox is automatically shown.

Accessing Folders

To access a different folder (other than the Inbox) you can just click on that folder in the list on the left.

If you do not see all your folders, look for some folders with a right facing arrow next to them (as indicated in the image below). Clicking on this arrow will expand a folder to show all sub folders.

Folder List

Clicking on a message in the message list will open that message in the preview window. Double-clicking on a message will open that message in a new window (which is useful when you want to leave a message up for reference while working on something else).

Dealing with attachments

When you receive messages with attachments, they will be shown in the attachment bar. To open the attachment, just click on the link (indicated with the red arrows in the image below). Alternatively, some attachments (such as PDF files, or many Microsoft Office files) can be viewed quickly without opening another program. To do this, click on "view as html" (indicated in the example image with the green arrows). This can be useful when you just want to read or view an attachment, but is not recommended for printing purposes.


Handling forwarded messages

Some e-mail systems forward messages as attachments. This will cause the forward message to show up in the attachment list, as indicated in the image below. To access these attachments, just click on them. They will open in a new window.

Forwarded Message
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