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Fully Licensed Starbucks in Parker

Hello all. As I am sure you are aware, the CAS board has voted to put a fully licensed Starbucks in Parker Theater. We discussed this at last weeks A.C meeting. If you have any disposition or if you support this. Feel free to give your feedback to the following:
phone: 845 257 3370

Diane Jackson

Steven Deutsch


Join RHSA for our first BUZZ Karaoke of the semester!!! Get away from the freezing cold winter and join RHSA for some summer fun! Come by, sing, enjoy snacks, friends, and fun in the sun. Bring your beachiest outfits and rock out to NEW SONGS!!!!

Friday February 7th @8pm in SUB 100s

Spirit Weekend Evaluation!

HEY everyone! PLEASE fill this out. Show us what we did right and what we can improve on for future years. GFPs will be rewarded! :D