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Click here to download the application.

Applications are due February 2nd, 2015 via e-mail at no later than 11:59 PM. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail Ashley and Sammi ( at anytime. Remember to sign up for an interview time on the GoogleDoc (link is in the application).

Thank you!

2015-2016 E-Board Position Application

Detailed information pertaining to elections will be updated here as it becomes relevant. If you would like general information, please refer to our Constitution. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a current Executive Board member.

Anyone who accepts their nomination must complete the Candidate Application and the Candidate Form and hand it in to the RHSA office one meeting before your scheduled election. You MUST provide 15 copies of the Candidate Application, which includes a copy of your personal resume and answers to several questions.

Anyone can run who meets the following criteria (as outlined in Article 7, Section 2 of the constitution):

  • Must have lived on campus for at least 2 full semesters (Finishing this semester is counted)
  • Must be a full time student
  • Must have been involved with RHSA in some way by attending meetings, programs, etc.
  • Must be in good academic and judicial standing                                           -Good Academic Standing is defined as a 2.5 G.P.A or better

However, in order to run for the position of National Communications Coordinator you must have been a delegate or an alternate for a NEACURH or NACURH conference, and to run for the position of President you must have been on the Executive Board before.  If these criteria are not met by any nominees, anyone may run for the position regardless if they meet the additional criteria.

If a candidate meets the above requirements, they must do the following in order to run for a position on the Executive Board (as outline in Article 7, Section 1).

  • Accept a nomination by someone at an Associate Council meeting (nomination must be seconded)
  • Meet with the Executive Board member currently serving in their position.
  • Read the Constitution
  • Complete a Candidate Application & Candidate Form by the appropriate deadline

Elections will take place based on the schedule above. During which candidates will have to:

  • Make a speech that can last up to 3 minutes
  • Complete a question and answer session that can last up to 5 minutes & is extendable

Download the Candidate Form and the Candidate Application.

Fully Licensed Starbucks in Parker

Hello all. As I am sure you are aware, the CAS board has voted to put a fully licensed Starbucks in Parker Theater. We discussed this at last weeks A.C meeting. If you have any disposition or if you support this. Feel free to give your feedback to the following:
phone: 845 257 3370

Diane Jackson

Steven Deutsch


Join RHSA for our first BUZZ Karaoke of the semester!!! Get away from the freezing cold winter and join RHSA for some summer fun! Come by, sing, enjoy snacks, friends, and fun in the sun. Bring your beachiest outfits and rock out to NEW SONGS!!!!

Friday February 7th @8pm in SUB 100s