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Website Updated

Welcome to the new and improved RHSA website! The Executive Board is hard at work this summer preparing for the 2011-2012 school year. We look forward to seeing all of New Paltz’s lovely residents in August!

You can also now leave comments on our posts! Leave a response and let us know what you think about the new website.

The RHSA 2011-2012 Executive Board

Elections Are Complete!

After many weeks, the 2011-2012 RHSA Executive Board elections have finally drawn to a close.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been elected.
President – Ranysha Ware
Vice President –¬†Matt Eitelberg
Treasurer – Jaime Lefkowitz
Public Relations – Jaime Burns
Secretary – Marissa Torregrosa
Co-NCC’s –¬† Jennifer Maurer & Jonathan Freifeld
CCC – Lixmer Ventura

The RHSA 2011-2012 Executive Board