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NPMail & GMail

NPMail & GMail Transition

Why are we moving student email to Google?

  • In our survey in the spring semester, students overwhelmingly wanted to use Google instead of either our existing NPMail system or other choices such as Microsoft's email service.
  • Accounts at Hawkmail will have 100 times more storage space then NPMail, 25 GB (GigaBytes) instead of 250 MB (MegaBytes).
  • Google Apps for Education also offers Google Docs. With Google Docs, you can create all sorts of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can share these with individuals or groups and work collaboratively. For more info on Google Docs, see:http://www.google.com/apps/edu/students/qs_docs.html.
  • You can create calendars for your club, organization, team, or any other purpose and share them with other students.

Who will use the new @hawkmail.newpaltz.edu address?

  • All students will have an account setup on this system. It will be the official email address used for college communications.
  • When emailing faculty, staff, and offices on campus, you should continue to use their @newpaltz.edu address.
  • Faculty & staff will have accounts setup on the Google system in case they want to use them. Do not assume that your faculty member uses the system though - or especially that they want you to submit any sort of assignments there.

When can we start using the new account?

  • On September 27th, 2011: Your account will be setup at Google hosted, hawkmail.newpaltz.edu system. You will receive an email in your NPMail account letting you know when the system is setup and how to access it. From here on, all official communications from the college will be addressed to your @hawkmail.newpaltz.edu address
  • From September 27th, 2011 until September 1st, 2012 all mail sent to your @newpaltz.edu address will be forwarded to the @hawkmail.newpaltz.edu account on Google.

How long will my @newpaltz.edu address continue to work?

  • After September 1st, 2012 all @newpaltz.edu addresses for students will be disabled and only @hawkmail.newpaltz.edu addresses will work for students.
  • Up until that time, you will still be able to login to NPMail - though we recommend that you do not do so. No new mail will arrive in NPMail accounts for students after September 27th 2011 and the account will be completely disabled as of September 2012

Do we have to use the new address

  • Official communications from the college will be sent to the new address. You will either have to check it regularly, or forward the mail sent to it to an email account that you do check regularly.
  • On September 27th, when the mail is switched over, we'll send out instructions on how to forward to another email address.

What if I have an email alias setup so I don't have to use my BannerID for email?

  • Your alias will be moved over to the Google system but it, like your real address, will be @hawkmail.newpaltz.edu instead of @newpaltz.edu.