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Student Computer Helpdesk


How can I reset my password?
Please click here to recover the password to your New Paltz account. You may also call the Help Desk at (845) 257-3597.

How can I access the N drive?
Go to http://ares.newpaltz.edu/NetStorage to login and access your saved N drive data.

How do I access my school e-mail account?
Student e-mail accounts (aka Hawkmail) are hosted by Google. You can login to your student e-mail account by going to hawkmail.newpaltz.edu with the following credentials:

          Username: NPCUID
          Password: your_password

What is my NPCUID?
Your NPCUID is your unique identifier throughout the school's computer systems.

  • If you first registered before Summer 2012, your NPCUID is the same as your Banner ID (or "N-number") and is in the form of n########.
  • If you first registered during Summer 2012 or later, your NPCUID is composed of the first eight characters of your last name, the first initial, and the last two digits of the Banner ID (or "N-number").
Please call the Help Desk at (845) 257-3597 if you do not know your NPCUID.

Are there color printers on campus?
Color printers are available for students at HUM 103 (Student Help Desk) and CSB 118.

Can the Help Desk fix my hardware?
We are not authorized to repair your hardware but we can help you with hard drive issues such as removing, replacing, backing up and restoring your data.

Does the campus provide computer discounts to students?
SUNY New Paltz provides all students with free anti-virus software. Many companies, including Microsoft and Adobe provide discounted student editions of popular software. There are also student discounts for laptops from companies like Dell and Apple.

Do you accept tips for repairs?
Yes but in the form of: cookies, pastries and other baked goods (homemade is preferred). see instructional video at bottom of page