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 The New York Glaciogram was stared as a "round robin" chain of  notes kicked off by Dr. G. Gordon Conally here at SUNY New Paltz in December 1965 with the encouragement of Dr. Ernest Muller at Syracuse University  (see New York Glaciogram Vol. 1 no. 1).  The first collection of notes was complied in 1966 by Dr. Donald Coates of the Geology Department at SUNY Binghamton as an informal news letter for researchers interested in glacial and Quaternary geology, and the New York Glaciogram was born.  The Glaciogram was compiled and edited at Binghamton until Fall 1972 when, Dr. Parker Calkin, Department of Geology, SUNY Buffalo assumed the responsibilities as editor. The Glaciogram was last picked up in Fall 1997 by Dr. P. Jay Fleisher at SUNY Oneonta, who continued collecting news and distributing the Glaciogram until 2005.  We are all indebted to Gordon, Ernie, and Don’s foresight and to Parker and Jay for carrying the message.  I made a promise to Jay in 2007 that if I landed back in New York State I would continue the tradition.

2008 and Beyond

 Well, here I am now in the Hudson Valley, and I would like to thank Jay for all of his support and encouragement.  I have decided that the Glaciogram will enter the digital age begining with the 2008 volume.  I intend to publish it only annually in December, so there should be no lack of news from your summer field season!  Also, it will now be distributed electronically via this web page thanks to the generosity of SUNY New Paltz  Computer Services.  

 If you have comments or suggestions for the Glaciogram contact me anytime.   Those of you with submissions... please don't wait until the deadline!

-John Rayburn